Volunteering with ESCRO

Conflict Resolution Volunteer Opportunity Interest Form

The East Side Conflict Resolution Outreach Project is powered by volunteers interested in both sharing and developing their conflict resolution skills in a community-based context. We welcome your interest in possibily volunteering with our project and we ask that you provide some information to help us organize our pool of potential talent. 

Are you a current student or Alumni of Dispute Resolution graduate program at WSU?
Do you speak any languages other than your primary one?

Experience and Training

Describe any training, experience, coursework and/or certification you have in mediation, group facilitation, communication skills, conflict resolution and other related topics. Please specify where and when you received such training, experience or coursework.
Have you served as a volunteer at other community mediation centers in the area? If so, please indicate which ones.

Current Skill Levels

Why are you interested in volunteering with ESCRO? What appeals to you about it? What particular skills and abilities can you bring to the process?

Your Interests

Which of the following ESCRO Volunteer Opportunities would you be interested and willing to help with?
Given some advance notice, which of the following time slots could you potentially be available to volunteer on an ESCRO project? We understand this may change based on school or work schedules, but having a general idea of your availability will help with planning.
Please provide any comments or explanations regarding your availability as noted above.


Please provide contact details for two persons (not related to you) who have known you for at least 2 years who may be contacted for references if we should decide to ask you to serve in a volunteer capacity that requires it.

Please provide name, address, email and phone number of reference such that we can contact them if necessary.
Please provide name, address, email and phone number of reference such that we can contact them if necessary.
Please attach your resume or cv.
How did you hear about the ESCRO project?

If you have any questions, you can call the ESCRO "hotline" phone number 313 241-6137 or reach out to us via email at ourescro@gmail.com