The Third Side

Our project seeks to empower people to be a positive force for good in the face of challenging situations. We are inspired by a book called The Third Side: Why We Fight and How We Can Stop It by William Ury.

The Third Side is a way of looking at the conflicts around us not just from one side or the other but from the larger perspective of the surrounding community.

Taking the Third Side means

  • Seeking to understand both sides of the conflict
  • Encouraging a process of cooperative negotiation and speaking out against any abuse or violence
  • Supporting an inclusive solution – one that fairly meets the essential needs of both sides and the community

Any of us can take the Third Side anytime at home, at work, in the community, and in the world. Here are some helpful roles you can play:

You can have natural sympathies for one side or the other and still choose to take the Third Side.


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We can all help build the 3rd Side.