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Managing Workplace Conflict

Most workers will encounter workplace conflict. While workplace conflict can usually be resolved between the parties involved, other times a workplace mediator (neutral 3rd party) must facilitate conversations to resolve the conflict. Workplace mediation can be effective in union and non-union settings. The primary goal is to empower the parties to help them work together better. Workplace mediation is confidential, informal and a voluntary process. There are several types of conflicts in the workplace: leadership, style, personality, interdependence and differences in background/gender. Check out our Continue reading →

Process Consulting: Your Team’s Path to Change

There’s a new manager in your office, and people are feeling lost.  Your organization is restructuring but staff are clinging to the old way of doing things.  The mayor and council president are both great leaders, but they’re often in conflict over direction for the administration and the community. Organizations often reach out to consultants to help them through tough times.  Sometimes they need expertise they don’t have on staff.  Sometimes an outside perspective can help diagnose a problem.  In some cases, the challenges are Continue reading →