Process Consulting: Your Team’s Path to Change

Teams Prosper with Good Process

Teams Prosper with Good Process

There’s a new manager in your office, and people are feeling lost.  Your organization is restructuring but staff are clinging to the old way of doing things.  The mayor and council president are both great leaders, but they’re often in conflict over direction for the administration and the community.

Organizations often reach out to consultants to help them through tough times.  Sometimes they need expertise they don’t have on staff.  Sometimes an outside perspective can help diagnose a problem.  In some cases, the challenges are deeper than technical assistance or fact-finding can resolve. Enter the “process consultant”.  When cultural, political or personal factors are impeding an organization from effectively achieving its goals, a talented intervenor — in the form of an internal leader or external consultant — can break the ice and help teams discover and address underlying problems.

In this seminar on April 21, we’ll explore MIT professor Edgar Schein’s process consultation methodology.  Through case studies and interactive scenarios over 60 minutes, we’ll learn the distinctive challenges of process versus content or structure problems and model ten types of interventions that can help teams perceive, understand and act upon the forces keeping them from positive change.

UPDATE: Here are the Handouts and Slides from this Session.

Conan Smith

About 3rd Sider Conan Smith

Conan serves as Executive Director of the Michigan Suburbs Alliance. He has been an elected Washtenaw County Commissioner since 2004. He chairs the board at Michigan Saves and is second vice chair of the Michigan Workforce Development Association. Governors Granholm and Snyder both appointed him to the Utility Consumer Participation Board, and he is treasurer of the Southeast Michigan Regional Energy Office. Conan holds a B.A. in Creative Writing and Literature from the University of Michigan's Residential College and is a candidate for an M.A. in Dispute Resolution at Wayne State University.