Necessary Workplace Skills for Conflict Resolution

This free public presentation, scheduled for April 13th, focuses on the root causes of conflict in the workplace and provides practical tools that everyone can learn from.

The purpose of this presentation is to provide leaders in the workplace with the knowledge to recognize causes of conflict, facilitate resolution of conflict, and manage relationships once the conflict has been addressed. Changes in the workplace can be a source of stress and conflict or an engine of innovation. The workshop will explore ways to develop integrated systems for conflict resolution and change management and techniques that can lead to a more innovative and collaborative environment. The session should be of particular interest to individuals who are knowledgeable in both employee relations and managing conflict in the workplace.

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Samantha Green

About Samantha Green

Samantha Green is a Master’s student in Dispute Resolution at Wayne State University. She is a certified mediator and has participated in civil, small claims, and federal mediations. Her passion and awareness for diversity and social conflicts has given her an understanding for the importance of cross-cultural communications and conflict resolution practices. Samantha continues to grow these attributes through travel, foreign exchange students, and her research. Currently, Samantha works as a human resource professional for a company that recently was part of an acquisition. As they towards a healthier culture within the organization, Samantha uses her skills as a conflict specialist to bring third sider roles to both the corporate and field office locations. She has been a member of the Association of Conflict Resolution since 2012 and enjoys broadening her knowledge by attending educational workshops and conferences. Samantha has spent her free time volunteering at the Freedom House, a home for international refugees seeking asylum and also the Covenant House, which provides refuge to homeless youth in Detroit.