My Child Learns Differently: Parental Rights & Responsibilities in Educational Planning

NEW: Slides from this session are available here, and a 504 Plan Handout and a IEP Form Handout are also provided.

Presented by Susan Doherty on 3/21 at 7:30 pm in the Harper Woods High School Community Room. We’ll be joined by special guest school-based dispute resolution expert Roy Burton.

Do you have a child with special education needs?  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about State of Michigan requirements for accommodation of students with disabilities.

This presentation will include an overview of parental options if you feel you are not receiving appropriate services for your child. We’ll talk about some of the complexities of IEPs (Individual Education Plans) and 504 plans and explain when they are most appropriate. We’ll also explore available problem solving approaches that can help keep family/school interactions constructive while addressing this important and often heated topic.

There will also be a special segment related to Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), a common condition that is often undetected and perceived instead as a discipline problem, disorganization/forgetfulness, and defiance of authority or lack of ability. Parenting and advocating for a child with ADD can be challenging and we’ll explore options and strategies for making sure they get the kind of quality education we all hope for and expect for our youth.

Refreshments provided, pre-registration is appreciated.

Susan Doherty

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