Mediation Services

Harper Woods and the greater East Side has access to free conflict resolution services for area residents who would like assistance resolving a dispute. Typical cases include property disputes, business and community issues, small claims, contracts, and neighborhood differences. A variety of tools are available, but mediation is the most commonly used because of its great flexibility and high success rate.

ESCRO is working to promote and enhance this volunteer-driven service over time. Currently we provide mediation, facilitation and problem solving services tailored to your situation.

To find out more about mediation call the 32A District Court clerk at 313-343-2590 and they can make the referral.

Our Brochure on Mediation provides some more information and contact information for Macomb and Wayne mediation centers as well.


Mediation Never Goes Out of Style


Solve Neighborhood Conflicts


Mediation Can Help Make Things Right


Mediation Can Repair Relationships


Conflict is for the Birds


Workplace Conflicts Can be Mediated