Strategies for enhancing cross cultural communication

Update: Slides from this Session now available.

This workshop is about the importance of being aware of differences in cross cultural communication and then looking for strategies for enhancing the communication between cultures.

The main topics to be discussed are:

  • Definition of cross cultural communication
  • Main differences in cross cultural communication
  • How to overcome cultural challenges
  • Avoiding miscommunications and misunderstandings is essential to successfully cross cultural relations
  • Guest speaker: Michael Gall, Peace Corps Recruiter for East Michigan tells some of his experience while volunteering for Peace Corps in Micronesia from 2007 to 2009.
Daniela Shuke

About 3rd Sider Daniela Shuke

My name is Daniela. I am doing my Master's degree in Dispute Resolution at Wayne State University. So far, I have taken courses in negotiation, neutral intervention practices, conflict analysis and communication technologies. My bachelor's degree is in Sociology. My professional experience is mostly in teaching, facilitation and training. I love cultures and the varieties they offer. I am a founding member of Albanian PEN center, a branch of International PEN which is a worldwide association of writers founded in 1921 to promote human rights, freedom of speech and dialogue specifically in countries where ethnic and political conflicts are present. I love reading. The sunny weather is what I truly enjoy, and swimming is one of my favorite sports.