Social Media’s Adverse Effects on Children, Teen and Family: What’s a Parent to Do

My Workshop Description:

Social media is a direct product of the availability and easy access to Internet connectivity that is a growing trend of communication, interaction, and a means of meeting old friends and making new friends. The wide spread use of the Internet is not without generational use; the group most attracted to the social media is young people and adolescent. While social media serves as a medium for social interaction and exploring new information and places, it is not without conflict and confusion to children, adolescent and family.

It is based upon the conflict and confusion that social media poses to children, adolescent, and family that this project seeks to explore the adverse effects of social media. The research of this paper will focus on the negative impact of social media use by teen, and adolescent and address what impact it causes to the family, community, and society at large. Also, the project seeks to attract parents awareness of the many social media sites that may not be in the best interest of their children, and to inform parents of what can be done to monitor social media sites as well as what other families, and communities have done to cope with the danger of social media exposure.

Elouise Garley

About 3rd Sider Elouise Garley

I am a prospective Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution recipient comes May 5, 2016. I have been involved in community and political work in Liberia, West Africa. Upon graduation, on moving to Liberia to play a more bridge-building, advocacy and educational roles in that country's upon coming presidential and general elections. My primary focus will be on voters' education, and conflict resolution at the community level. Presently, I attend graduate school full time and devote my time to my family.