Cross Generational Conflict: Culture Conflict Within Immigrant Families

New: Slides from this session are available here.

It is often difficult coming to another country that is completely different from your home country, were there are different societal norms and values. Many immigrants find it difficult to adjust to the ever many changes that they experience when coming to a new place. But for the first and second generations  they sometimes come across what people consider an identity crisis. Trying to balance their roots with trying to adapt to the host countries new societal norms and values.

This workshop is to address the different types of conflicts that are present in immigrant families. These conflicts would be the issues between immigrants, who are settling in a new country, in this case America, versus their 1st and 2nd generation children and grandchildren who were either born and/or raised in America. This workshop acknowledges the conflicts as well as exploring different ways to address each parties concern.

For Discussion:

  • What does it mean to be 1st generation?
  • The balance between your cultural roots and adapting to the host country.
  • Assimilation vs Integration
  • Many common issues that bring about difficult conversations
  • How mediation tactics on both sides can address many of these issues as well as bringing about peaceful understanding and/or conflict solutions.



About 3rd Sider Adanna Ogbenna

A first-generation Nigerian and a student in the MADR program who wishes to go on to law school and to one day be able to use all of her education to support Nigeria in its continuous development.