Conflict in the House of Worship: Pathways to Peace

Have you spoken up before and been labeled as un-Christian or un-Godlike?  Have you ever served on a committee at your place of worship and there were disagreements?

Every organization has conflict and in a religious setting there can be added obstacles to dealing with Conflict Resolution.  My workshop will focus on ways to transform your thought process about conflict.  I will discuss the steps to resolving conflict that include; How to identify conflict, how to truly listen to others and pathways to peace in your house of worship.  When conflict is handled properly it can open up the lines of communication, introduce positive thinking and result in transformation.

Pre-registration (optional) is available at this link.

Terri Stubblefield

About 3rd Sider Terri Stubblefield

I have 20 years customer service experience in a University setting working with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. I have 7 years experience resolving work place disputes. I'm currently Vice-President of UAW, Local 2071. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Employment and Labor Relations. I'm completing my Master of Arts degree in Dispute Resolution. I'm passionate about transforming conflict in personal and professional relationships.