Creative Responses to Potentially Dangerous Situations

Chris Powell will speak about street smarts and personal safety on April 7 as part of his lecture “Your Wits About You: Creative Responses to Potentially Dangerous Situations.” The lecture will feature proactive tips to stay safe and avoid conflict and also highlight survival stories of citizens who were confronted with a violent situation and walked away unscathed. Powell will also speak about his personal experiences as a police officer and offer insight on how to avoid victimization. UPDATE: Here are the slides from this Continue reading →

Building Conflict Competencies Through Service Learning

This session, the first in our series of professional development presentations, will explore the value inherent in doing service work related to managing conflict and solving community problems. We will review some broad concepts related to learning via direct experience from big-name theorists like Dewey, Freire, and Mead, and then focus down on the special case of managing community conflicts as a rich learning opportunity. We will tap into the long tradition of service learning in America and share stories of successful conflict resolution service Continue reading →