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I am a music educator with a bachelors of science in music education from Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN. and a proud alumni of the Aristocrat of Bands. As a music educator facing a massive decline in urban music programs, I was compelled to seek knowledge that would help me do my part to save our beloved culture of show style bands and the lifelong kinship that comes with membership and participation. The MADR program at Wayne State University is where I have advanced my knowledge of conflict and developed a skillset to professionally engage in varying levels of a particular conflict. I am now an advocate for a variety of social justice causes and the development of advanced techniques to address the achievement gap and the promotion of modern technology infused educational practices, particularly in urban school districts.

Getting to We! Consensus Decision Making

This presentation explored the world of consensus building and decision making. The process does not require that everyone agree, rather that everyone is heard and supports moving forward with an action. In order for the process to be successful everyone has to have input and communicate in a nonviolent manner.  The group has the freedom to select its preferred methods of communication and method of making a final decision as a group.  It is best to selected a decision making method that requires a super majority to agree, Continue reading →