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About Jennifer Collard

Jennifer Collard is a Language Arts teacher at a high school in the Metro Detroit area. She received her Bachelors degree in English from Grand Valley State University, where she also received her certification to teach both English and History. Since becoming a teacher her days have been full of questions by high school students, Romeo and Juliet, and lots of conflict - both big and small - from adolescents who are testing their limits and finding their voices. Two years ago, Jennifer began pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution. Knowing that her own ability to constructively engage in conflict needed some work, she was delighted when her classes opened up a new understanding of conflict, negotiation, and mediation. Jennifer finds herself playing the thirdsider roles of provider, teacher, peacemaker, and witness most frequently. While she's most comfortable playing the provider and teacher roles, she's hopeful that she can learn to play other roles as well. Her work in certificate program is helping her to slowly take on the characteristics and skills needed to play some of those other roles. When Jennifer is not teaching class or learning in class, she is grading papers for class.

But Can It Heal? Restorative Justice Practices, Problems, and Potential

The Restorative Justice Movement has been growing and receiving national attention for some time. The New York Times, The Today Show, Huffington Post, and other news outlets have run interesting stories that feature people who have utilized Restorative Justice. The movement has gained considerable traction in various arenas (most notably in schools and the Criminal Justice system). Despite that, there is a lack of clarity about what exactly Restorative Justice is, and what practices are used to further Restorative Justice. Even when there is clarity Continue reading →