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I am a prospective Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution recipient comes May 5, 2016. I have been involved in community and political work in Liberia, West Africa. Upon graduation, on moving to Liberia to play a more bridge-building, advocacy and educational roles in that country's upon coming presidential and general elections. My primary focus will be on voters' education, and conflict resolution at the community level. Presently, I attend graduate school full time and devote my time to my family.

Social Media’s Adverse Effects on Children, Teen and Family: What’s a Parent to Do

My Workshop Description: Social media is a direct product of the availability and easy access to Internet connectivity that is a growing trend of communication, interaction, and a means of meeting old friends and making new friends. The wide spread use of the Internet is not without generational use; the group most attracted to the social media is young people and adolescent. While social media serves as a medium for social interaction and exploring new information and places, it is not without conflict and confusion Continue reading →