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About Chris Powell

Chris Powell is a police officer at Wayne State University Police Department in Detroit. He is assigned to the investigations section. Powell is a field training officer at the department and also serves on the Michigan Field Training Officer organization's executive board. He is a union steward and secretary-treasurer of the department's police officer association. Prior to his law enforcement career Powell worked as a newspaper reporter and photographer. He obtained his bachelor's degree in journalism and political science from Temple University in Philadelphia. He has been studying dispute resolution at Wayne State University since 2011.

Creative Responses to Potentially Dangerous Situations

Chris Powell will speak about street smarts and personal safety on April 7 as part of his lecture “Your Wits About You: Creative Responses to Potentially Dangerous Situations.” The lecture will feature proactive tips to stay safe and avoid conflict and also highlight survival stories of citizens who were confronted with a violent situation and walked away unscathed. Powell will also speak about his personal experiences as a police officer and offer insight on how to avoid victimization. UPDATE: Here are the slides from this Continue reading →