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Anetria Wright

About Anetria Wright

Anetria Wright presently serves as the Executive Pastor and Music/ Arts Director under the leadership of Bishop Robert E. Joyce of Life Center Church of Troy, Michigan. In conjunction with her role in Ministry, Anetria also serves as an NBA Chaplain and also formerly chaplain to the Detroit Shock!. Additionally, Anetria is a certified Mediator and travels extensively throughout the U.S. serving and ministering in various capacities. Anetria possesses several qualities that distinguish her as a leader among her peers – outstanding verbal and non-verbal communication skills, first-rate organizational skills, a unique ability to diffuse volatile situations, and a passion for excellence. In her role as Executive Pastor, Anetria serves as an exemplarity leader in managing the resources under her care. Those resources include, but are not limited to human resources, financial capital, and socio-relational resources. In addition to serving in various ministry capacities, Anetria has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and is within a few weeks of earning a Master’s Degree in Dispute Resolution (MADR). While serving as Executive Pastor, Anetria has managed to successfully juggle several business endeavors which includes: Director and Manager of AJOYCE Real Estate Enterprises, Property Manager for Kaftan Enterprise, Buyer (Corporate Purchasing) for Cranbrook Institute, as well as various endeavors in the business of Music and Entertainment.

Battle in the Pews

Updated: See attached Slides from this Session Resolving & Managing Conflict in the Church is easier said than done.  Most people are easily deceived into believing that church is only a place of peace.  Surely between singing, bible study, encouraging words, and prayers, the church is conflict free!!!  But then you actually get to know people and sooner or later a conflict slaps you out of your heaven on earth into reality. The church is a unique environment: part business, part family, with blurred communication Continue reading →