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About Shahar Ben-Josef

Shahar Ben-Josef is pursuing an MA/JD in Dispute Resolution and International Law at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. During her time at Wayne State University, Shahar has won various scholarships and attended The Hague Academy for courses on public international law. Following graduation in May 2016, Shahar will begin working as a Legal Clerk in the Detroit Immigration Court in September 2016. Prior to beginning her degrees at Wayne State, Shahar earned a B.A. in Middle Eastern and North African Studies, with a minor in Peace and Social Justice from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor.

Considerations of Culture in Conflict Intervention

The news and social media sites have been filled with stories of refugees fleeing war zones and migrants entering new communities. Unfortunately, the focus is often on heated disputes between newcomers and those who are established within the community (though, there are also many examples of refugees and migrants being welcomed with open arms – but we know the media prefers to focus on more dramatic stories for publicity purposes). With increasing migration, it is important to find ways to communicate and engage with conflict, rather than allowing Continue reading →