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I am a graduate student of the MADR program at Wayne State University. My graduation is anticipated Fall 2014. My previous professional experience includes a B.S. in Environmental Health and Safety from University of Michigan and ten years of experience specific to this field. As an environmental health and safety professional, I rely upon my interpersonal skills to engage, communicate and strategically deliver new concepts to improve health and safety of environment as directly related to people. Through research and field experience with related regulatory compliance, I will provide insights into the impacts of legally allowable, prescribed and best management practices regarding environmental concerns and disputes in communities or workplaces.

Environmental Toxins and Conflict: Mutant Minion Madness

In this session we will discuss the effects of pollution and contamination on populations or communities and disputes encountered by attempts to remedy or safeguard against this hazard.  The complexities involved in multiple party environmental disputes will be discussed. The Environmental Protection Agency’s method to address disputes regarding significant health concerns will also be explored. Please join us for a realistic discussion of this often convoluted subject matter. We intend to cut through the regulatory red tape and investigate the REAL safety of an average Continue reading →