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About Asim Khaliq

Asim Khaliq is a veteran business owner of three successful e-commerce businesses. In addition to his Engineering degree, Asim is currently in the process of adding a degree in Dispute Resolution to his long list of professional certifications which include E-Commerce, Project Management, Graphic Design, Civil and Special Ed Mediation, and ERP. He takes pride in being a team player with extensive business knowledge and experience who always takes on new challenges. With his unique and varied background he has contributed to the success of several individual and team-based business ventures. Asim also volunteers at the Wayne Mediation Center and has contributed to two documentaries by Riz Films as a Script Writer and Assistant Producer. Asim is a member of Autism Ontario and his next step is to develop an organization conflict resolution system.

Dispute Resolution Systems in Organizations

Having worked with different organizations for the past 17 years, I have learned that we live in conflicts everyday. However, I have never thought of a formal conflict resolution department until I joined a dispute resolution master’s program. During my studies, I realized that many business either ignore or overlook the importance of  having a conflicts management system to increase their productivity. Issues concerning human diversity, and cultural and societal differences were never a focus in most of the management’s strategy to achieve their organizational Continue reading →