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About Jacqueline Lacey

Highly experienced labor union member and activist with excellent labor-management relationships. Lacey is near completion of her Master of Arts Degree in Dispute Resolution (MADR) at Wayne State University in Detroit. Her coursework includes Labor Relations & Collective Bargaining; Organizational Communication; Communication Technology and Conflict; Communication Culture & Conflict and Roots of Social Conflict. She has received numerous awards/scholarships for her academic achievement; Women of Wayne, John Kelly Labor, and Graduate Scholarships. Lacey has been accepted in the College of Education, Graduate Certificate in College & University Teaching and the Master of Arts in Public Relations & Organizational Communication programs. She is a skilled communicator, problem solver and conflict resolution specialist. Lacey is trained in grievance, collective bargaining agreement and workplace mediation.

Managing Workplace Conflict

Most workers will encounter workplace conflict. While workplace conflict can usually be resolved between the parties involved, other times a workplace mediator (neutral 3rd party) must facilitate conversations to resolve the conflict. Workplace mediation can be effective in union and non-union settings. The primary goal is to empower the parties to help them work together better. Workplace mediation is confidential, informal and a voluntary process. There are several types of conflicts in the workplace: leadership, style, personality, interdependence and differences in background/gender. Check out our Continue reading →

Dealing with Drama In The Workplace – March 28, 2016 – 7:30 pm

New: Slides from the presentation are available here. Please join us for a free workshop on Handling Workplace Conflict Workshop on Monday March 28th.  I’m Jacqueline Lacey, a Wayne State University graduate student majoring in Dispute Resolution and I’ll be explaining how using an informal managerial mediation approach allows workplace disputes to be handled constructively. The workshop will focus on how to facilitate conflict resolution in the workplace. If you want to learn the basic theory and skills necessary to include the practice of mediation in Continue reading →