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About Marija Michalowicz

I am a Wayne State graduate student in the Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution (MADR) program. My undergraduate background is in psychology, and I have done some graduate work in counseling as well. Upon completion of the internship-practicum course of the MADR program, I received certification as a civil mediator. My interests for further study and specializations include school-based services and mediation services for issues surrounding families and divorce. I am looking forward to developing a career working within the community with the goal of providing people a voice and a choice.

Cross-Generational Communication: Adults and Youth Managing Conflict

The aim of this free public presentation is to provide adults and youth with the skills to handle conflicts creatively and constructively. This workshop includes strategies and techniques that focus on understanding youth and conflict, and the implementation of positive language in communication. The following topics, common in the literature on adult child relationships, will be explored: awareness and feelings; the nature, types, and causes of conflict; the language we use; methods for encouraging youth participation; and providing choices. I plan to integrate useful models for Continue reading →