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An ADRx Prescription for Healing Healthcare

Disputes and conflicts in the high stakes and high-pressure business of healthcare are bound to arise. To add to these encounters is the complex nature of the new healthcare law, better known as the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s mandate that individuals purchase health insurance.  Alan will be discussing some practical measures and strategies, along with some problem-solving techniques, to help deal with the multifaceted conflicts that occur in our current healthcare system. UPDATE: Slides from this presentation now available. Also referenced: Why Medical Continue reading →

Process Consulting: Your Team’s Path to Change

There’s a new manager in your office, and people are feeling lost.  Your organization is restructuring but staff are clinging to the old way of doing things.  The mayor and council president are both great leaders, but they’re often in conflict over direction for the administration and the community. Organizations often reach out to consultants to help them through tough times.  Sometimes they need expertise they don’t have on staff.  Sometimes an outside perspective can help diagnose a problem.  In some cases, the challenges are Continue reading →

Words as Windows or Walls: Exploring Nonviolent Communication

The ability to communicate more effectively and compassionately is critical to the health of our relationships. This session will review the theory and methodology of Nonviolent Communication offered by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.  It is his belief that it is our nature to enjoy giving and receiving in a compassionate manner. A number of concepts will be presented that will guide participants towards more loving, caring and authentic relationships. Some of the topics covered will include: Identifying and Expressing Feelings, The Power of Empathy, Connecting Compassionately Continue reading →

Dispute Resolution Systems in Organizations

Having worked with different organizations for the past 17 years, I have learned that we live in conflicts everyday. However, I have never thought of a formal conflict resolution department until I joined a dispute resolution master’s program. During my studies, I realized that many business either ignore or overlook the importance of  having a conflicts management system to increase their productivity. Issues concerning human diversity, and cultural and societal differences were never a focus in most of the management’s strategy to achieve their organizational Continue reading →

Creative Responses to Potentially Dangerous Situations

Chris Powell will speak about street smarts and personal safety on April 7 as part of his lecture “Your Wits About You: Creative Responses to Potentially Dangerous Situations.” The lecture will feature proactive tips to stay safe and avoid conflict and also highlight survival stories of citizens who were confronted with a violent situation and walked away unscathed. Powell will also speak about his personal experiences as a police officer and offer insight on how to avoid victimization. UPDATE: Here are the slides from this Continue reading →

Building Conflict Competencies Through Service Learning

This session, the first in our series of professional development presentations, will explore the value inherent in doing service work related to managing conflict and solving community problems. We will review some broad concepts related to learning via direct experience from big-name theorists like Dewey, Freire, and Mead, and then focus down on the special case of managing community conflicts as a rich learning opportunity. We will tap into the long tradition of service learning in America and share stories of successful conflict resolution service Continue reading →